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In order to secure a conviction for a speeding offence, the police must make sure that they follow the ACPO Code of Practice and any guidelines that are given by the manufacturers of the speed-detection equipment that they are using. As part of a court case against a person who is being accused of speed-related offences, an officer must show full awareness of the ACPO Code of Practice and any guidelines issued by the manufacturer of the equipment that they were using. If a defendant is able to raise any doubts as to whether these guidelines were followed correctly, then the Prosecutor may be forced to drop the case.

Calibration of Devices

Most speed-detection devices must undergo annual calibration checks. Hand-held devices are often subject to calibration checks at the beginning of each individual on-site session. A speed camera defence may be available to defendants if the Prosecution cannot show beyond reasonable doubt that these checks were completed.

Inaccurate Readings

Certain types of cameras, such as hand-held ones, can produce inaccurate readings based on weather conditions, type of vehicle or incorrect usage. The Prosecution must prove that the recording equipment has been providing consistently accurate speed readings for vehicles. By using the data obtained from Gatso cameras, legal representatives are often able to prove that readings are either inaccurate or that the “speeding” was insignificant.

Recordings from these cameras can and should be checked manually by the defence and the prosecution. For recordings that are obtained using mobile Gatso cameras, the police officer who took the recording should check the accuracy of the readings before issuing any penalties.


If you have been caught speeding or contacted by the police about a speed-related offence, you should get in contact with a speeding offence solicitor. The solicitor will study the circumstances of your case and advise you about whether there is the possibility that you could launch a successful speed camera defence. A successful defence should lead to a full acquittal, meaning that you will not suffer any of the consequences that are associated with a conviction for a speed-related offence.

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