Need help with a speeding offence charge?

Have you been charged with a speeding offence in the UK?

Our speeding offence solicitor can explain to you what a charge for speeding could mean and discuss various options with you that might be available.

If you are convicted of speeding offences in the United Kingdom then the Courts can impose a minimum fine of £100 and you may be given penalty points on your licence. If these points take you over the maximum penalty point value for your licence, then you may lose your licence and be disqualified from driving. Most people can accrue up to 12 points on their licence, but those who passed their test within the last two years may not get more than 6 points. In some cases, those who are stopped for speeding offences may also be prosecuted for other offences. Some speeding-related offences may be punishable by a community order or a prison sentence.

If you are being accused of alleged speeding offences, it may be possible to mount a successful defence and be fully acquitted. Alternatively, you may be able to provide the Courts with a special reason why you should not face severe sanctions.

If you are able to show that your livelihood or your family depend on your ability to drive, then the Courts may be persuaded to change their sentencing to allow you to keep your license and to avoid hardship. Defences like this are more likely to work if it is the first time that you have presented this defence to them for a speeding offence and if the speed limit was only broken by a marginal amount.

On the other hand, if you and your defence team are able to provide a genuine and reasonable defence to show why you were travelling at excessive speeds, then you may be able to avoid sanctions altogether.

If you are facing sanctions or disqualification for a speeding offence, or if you want to challenge a speeding fine which you believe has been unfairly issued in your name, then you are advised to get in contact with a legal professional. The legal team will help you to build a strong defence to support your case. Depending on the strength of the case, this defence may lead to a full acquittal or it may lead to a reduction in the sanctions that are imposed for the offence.

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