Are you a new driver with penalty points on your licence?

If you’re a new driver and you’ve had penalty points on your licence please do give us a call.

We shall be happy to advise and assist you on what action may be taken if you’ve had penalty points on your licence.

The rules of the road are designed to protect drivers and other road users. If you do not abide by the rules of the road then you may be given penalties and sanctions as a punishment for the offence. This can include the endorsement of penalty points in the driver’s licence. Although these penalty points may not immediately amount to a disqualification from driving, they can add up to a disqualification over time.

Most drivers are only given a ban if they get 12 or more points on their licence over a rolling period of three years; however the laws are more stringent when it comes to penalising new drivers.

A new driver is considered to be someone who passed their driving test within the last two years. If a new driver accrues six or more penalty points within the first two years of gaining a full driving licence, their licence will be automatically revoked. The length of the ban may depend on the offence that the driver committed which resulted in the penalty points being added. The driver will be expected to take a re-test before they are allowed to regain their licence.

Possible Action

If you have been accused of a driving offence that will lead to the endorsement of penalty points on your licence, then you may be able to fight the charges. Our legal team will be able to help you to build a strong case. If we are not able to achieve a full acquittal, we may be able to help you to avoid a full driving ban.

If you are able to show the Courts that a driving ban could cause disproportional hardship, then the Courts may be able to use their discretion to waive the ban. This can depend on the severity of the offences which were committed to accrue the points in the first place.

Special reasons for avoiding a ban can include the driver’s livelihood being reliant on their ability to drive, or a threat to the health of the driver if they are not able to drive. Our team will look at your case to see if there are special circumstances.

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