Have you accrued 12 points or more on your licence?

If you’ve accrued 12 points or more on your drivers licence please call us now.

We will listen to what you have to say about your penalty points and take a look at what we can possibly do to help you to keep your licence.

Some driving offences in the United Kingdom can be punished with an immediate driving ban, whereas others are normally punished with penalty points on the driver’s licence. Drivers are only allowed to accrue a finite number of points on their licence before they are handed a temporary ban.

In general, motorists are allowed to accrue 11 points on their licence over a period of 3 years. If the driver gets 12 points or more points on their licence, they will be disqualified from driving for a minimum period of 6 months.

Those who gained their licence within the last 2 years are not allowed to accrue as many points. A new driver can be disqualified from driving if they get 6 points on their licence. Points are issued and accrued on a rolling programme and points elapse after a set period has passed.

Possible Action

It may be possible to avoid a driving ban if you are able to persuade the Courts that there are special circumstances in your case. Our legal team will study your case and identify areas where it may be possible to build a strong defence. We are sometimes able to help you to avoid points altogether, but if the points are justified then we may be able to help you to avoid the ban which is associated with accruing too many points.

The Courts are able to use their discretion when a driving ban is issued for accrued penalty points. It may be possible to argue that special circumstances in your case mean that a driving ban would cause you or your family disproportionate hardship. Examples of this include a ban that would affect your ability to do your job, as this could affect your ability to earn money.

If your life or the life of another person could be put at risk because of a driving ban, you may also be able to argue a special reasons defence. For example, if a sick relative relies on you to get them to their hospital appointments, then it could be argued that a driving ban may put them at risk.

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