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“Police speed detection equipment has for a long time been the bane of motorists lives. At Cunninghams Solicitors we have many years of experience in successfully defending clients.”
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We, at Cunninghams Solicitors, have vast experience of dealing with technical defences for alleged speeding matters. The loss of your driving licence and consequent livelihood, as a result of the accumulation of 12 penalty points for being marginally over the speed limit can seem unduly harsh when there are so many speed cameras peppered around the country.

We have 30 years experience of representing clients on a Nationwide basis to defend speeding allegations.

We also have vast experience of representing clients avoiding disqualification by presenting exceptional hardship to try and persuade the Court to avoid a six month disqualification period.

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Problems for Drivers

Speed cameras and speeding have been sore points with British drivers over the past few years. Whether it is speed camera offences or another of many speeding offences, Cunninghams are speeding offence solicitors who can provide expert services and advice for drivers, in areas like speed camera offences and speed camera defence. Many people rely on their cars for everyday trips, like commuting to work and taking the children to and from school. If you are accused of speeding offences, this can greatly affect your routine and livelihood. In a scenario such as this, speeding offence solicitors can be of great help.

Being caught speeding can have a devastating effect on a person's life if they rely on their car. Depending on the extent to which you were caught speeding, you may find that you are simply given a fixed penalty, such as for speed camera offences which see you exceeding a limit by 15mph. This is one of the smaller speeding offences, which will see three points added to your licence. Many drivers have found themselves being flashed by speed cameras, and may have felt cheated by the system. When it comes to speeding offences, many can find it difficult to see a way of defending themselves, yet professional speed camera defence is available.

If you are in need of speeding ticket advice, such as speed camera defence, then Cunninghams are speeding offence solicitors who can provide you with representation. Being caught speeding and having points added to your licence can damage reputations. Some people may not realise the extent to which people can be left affected by speeding offences, but if they feel as if they are being treated unfairly, it can leave them feeling frustrated. In these circumstances, they can enlist the aid of speeding offence solicitors who can provide speed camera defence, amongst other services.

The Best Defence

We have over 20 years of experience in defending people who have allegedly been caught speeding. We are experts in technical defence for problems such as speed camera offences, and are committed to helping our clients achieve the best outcome, offering services such as speed camera defence. We offer free initial advice, followed by written initial advice outlining the merits of their case for a fixed fee. We aim to help people free themselves from whatever punishments are being handed out for their speeding offences, such as speed camera offences. There may be many solicitors out there offering to help drivers who have been caught speeding, but none of them will have the experience or dedication that we are proud to have.

Using Britain's roads can be a frustrating affair, when it seems as if there are more speed cameras than ever. With so many drivers needing speed camera defence, speeding offence solicitors are the best option for clearing your name and contesting any accusations you feel are unfair. Being caught speeding has become a major fear for many drivers nowadays. As speeding offence solicitors, we aim to provide the best, most professional service to help you receive a just, fair defence in cases involving speeding, such as speed camera offences.