Have you been charged with driving while disqualified?

If you’re being accused of driving whilst disqualified, please get in touch with our driving offences legal team.

Our team can assess your case and assist you with getting the best possible result based on your circumstances.

If you have been disqualified from driving, you should not take a car out onto public roads. The courts in the United Kingdom take driving whilst disqualified very seriously, and they have the power to impose harsh sanctions on those who are caught flouting a disqualification order. If you are caught driving whilst disqualified, you should be prepared to face these circumstances unless you are able to mount a strong defence against your actions.

What are the possible punishments for driving whilst disqualified?

The punishment that is given if it is proven that you were driving whilst disqualified will depend on the circumstances of the previous disqualification. If the previous disqualification has only just been imposed on the driver, then they will be sentenced more harshly than if that person had nearly completed their disqualification period. The original disqualification period may be extended, a fine may be given, and community or custodial sentencing may be applied.

The value of any fine given will be calculated based on the weekly income of the specific driver.

Special Reasons for Driving whilst Disqualified

It may be possible for our team to argue that you were driving whilst disqualified because of “special reasons”. These reasons can be wide ranging and are likely to be completely unique to your circumstances. Possible defences include driving under duress, where we will help you to argue that you believed that it was essential that you drove due to a threat to your own life or the life of another person.

Alternatively, our team can help you to argue that there are “special reasons” why your current driving ban should not be extended. It is sometimes possible to find extenuating circumstances that did not apply when you were banned for the first time. If the ban is reduced, you may face other consequences for your actions.

If you are being accused of driving whilst disqualified, you should get in contact with our legal team. The team will assess your case and help you to get the best possible outcome based on your circumstances. This could range from reduced penalties through to complete acquittal.

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