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Footballer fined for drink driving in Newcastle 15/11/2011

Carl Millar recently read an article from the RAC which reports that Newcastle united striker Niall Ranger has been fined £3,000 and banned from driving for a period of 12 months for drink driving.

The 20 year old footballer pleaded guilty after he was pulled over on 11th September and arrested.

Mr Ranger was given credit for his early guilty plea and fined in accordance with his salary.

If a defendant does plead guilty or is found guilty after trial, then the minimum period of disqualification that the Magistrates must endorse is 12 months, subject to a 25% reduction if the defendant successfully completes the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course.

The only way to avoid disqualification for drink driving is if the prosecution cannot prove the case against the defendant beyond any reasonable doubt.

Here at Cunninghams Solicitors, we are experts in finding technical defences which could prevent a disqualification for drink driving.

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