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Drink Drivers’ Rehabilitation Scheme 11/11/2011

Carl Millar has recently read various articles in the national press about the changes to the drink drivers’ rehabilitation scheme.

The bill for the rehabilitation scheme taken by those convicted of drink driving will be picked up by the offenders from now on, according to the Government proposals published on Wednesday, 9th November 2011.  The Driving Standards Agency published the proposals to modernise the drink drive rehabilitation scheme that includes improving the standard of courses and who pays for them.

Currently, anybody who is convicted of any drink driving related matters will usually be offered the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course and, if successfully completed, this will result in a 25% reduction from any disqualification imposed.  From a defendants’ point of view, it is certainly beneficial if he/she attends a drink drivers’ rehabilitation course as this will substantially reduce any disqualification period.  The fees for the course are modest as they are mainly met by the taxpayer at present.

The cost of administering the scheme is usually met by the general taxpayer as stated above, and the consultation process that offenders should pick up the bill through fees they pay to cover the cost of the training has been proposed.  The overall aim of the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course is to reduce the number of re-offenders by educating them on the potential consequences of their behaviour.

The consequence of the proposals will mean that anybody convicted of a drink driving related offence would have to pay an increased fee if he/she is offered the drink drivers’ rehabilitation course, to gain the 25% reduction in the disqualification imposed by the Magistrates.

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