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We offer an expert criminal defence service to motorists across the UK who are facing prosecution and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you obtain the best result when your case goes to court. We will thoroughly look for any procedural irregularities with a fine tooth comb to try and establish a motoring defence for you. Whilst it is not possible to avoid disqualification in some cases, we will review all the police evidence thoroughly and highlight any mitigating circumstances to the court in an attempt to reduce the severity of the sentence you receive. Cunninghams specialise in motor offence cases and we are often able to obtain more lenient sentences for our clients.

Appealing a Driving Offence Conviction

It may be possible to appeal a Magistrates’ decision owing to procedural irregularities or by taking a different approach to the legal representative who originally handled your case. A motoring offence conviction means that you could end up with a criminal record and, in certain circumstances, a custodial sentence. Cunninghams will consider any driving offences on a nationwide basis whether you are in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or London; we can provide you with a specialist lawyer throughout the country. Whilst there are no assurances that a decision can be overturned on appeal, we guarantee that if the prosecution have made a mistake, we will find it.

Why Choose A Drink Drive Solicitor?

With over two decades of experience in defending motorists in the United Kingdom, we believe that our services are amongst the very best of their kind in the country. Our fully qualified legal experts will extensively prepare the best case possible based on your individual circumstances, to ensure that when you go before the courts, the outcome you receive is the most favourable for your situation. Therefore, whether you are being prosecuted for driving with excess alcohol, being drunk in charge of a vehicle, failing to provide a specimen, driving without insurance or any other drink driving related matter, a driving solicitor can help with your situation.

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"In short I received a first class service from start to finish." DJ Ramirez

Carl Millar,
Head of Road
Traffic Dept.
Nature of Offence

Drink Driving Offences You could be facing a ban, fine, community penalty and in some circumstances imprisonment – talk to an expert today.

Drink Driving Offences

Speeding Offences It is possible to challenge the recorded speed whatever the type of device used by the police, you will need specialist advice.

Speeding Offences

Failure to Identify Driver If you genuinely do not know who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, a defence can exist, talk to our expert team today.

failure to identify driver

Insurance Offences Many defences and special reasons exist which can prevent points being endorsed or a ban being imposed, to find out more call our team.

Insurance Offences

Driving Ban Appeals When banned by the Magistrates Court it is always possible to appeal to the Crown Court. We can help you to get your licence back.

Avoid Driving Ban

Dangerous &
Careless Driving
Can be dealt with at the Magistrates or Crown Courts. Ban, fine and imprisonment can follow. Get specialist representation today.

motoring offences

Penalty Points On
Your Licence
Can lead to your insurance premiums increasing or a ban being imposed by the court. We can help, call our team today.

motoring solicitors

Failure to Provide a
Certain medical conditions can provide a defence to this charge. Procedural errors can also be fatal to the prosecutions case.

drink driving solicitors